The client is facing a challenge of transforming a complex railway maintenance process that was paper-based to a digital system. The traditional approach of using paper-based records was inefficient and time-consuming, leading to delays and increased costs. The client also aimed to leverage technology and digitalization to enhance operational efficiency and increase public safety. The maintenance workers required greater flexibility in their work processes with advanced mobile solutions to perform their tasks more efficiently.

The client faced challenges in tracking and recording the maintenance processes manually, which could lead to errors and delay in repair or maintenance tasks. Additionally, the paper-based system lacked flexibility, was prone to errors, and was not accessible to all maintenance workers. The lack of real-time updates, poor visibility of maintenance tasks, and absence of data analytics were the main challenges that the client faced.

To address these challenges, the client needed a solution that could streamline their maintenance processes, reduce errors, and increase visibility. They also wanted to digitize their maintenance records, which could be easily accessed, analyzed, and used to make data-driven decisions.

The client was looking for a solution that could help them transform their paper-based maintenance system to a digital system, integrate new technologies, and improve operational efficiency.


To tackle the client’s challenge, iTroSys worked on a solution that involved a thorough consultation with the end-users, particularly the employees working in the field. This helped in creating a solution that was tailored to meet their specific requirements.

To optimize the client’s business processes, iTroSys deployed an application across 5,000 devices that enabled frontline workers to better capture and access railway asset information. This application helped in digitizing the complex railway maintenance process, thereby increasing operational efficiency and public safety.

Additionally, iTroSys upgraded the back-office infrastructure and devices to support high levels of system performance and scalability. The upgraded infrastructure ensured that the system could handle the increased workload and provide better support for the frontline workers.

Overall, the solution helped in improving the efficiency of the railway maintenance process, increased the safety of the public, and provided greater flexibility to maintenance workers through an advanced mobile solution.


The solution provided by the company has brought about significant benefits for the client, which include:

Conversion to Digital Processes: The conversion of almost 99% of the railway maintenance process from paper-based to digital has led to a massive reduction in paperwork and paper-based reporting. This means that maintenance workers are now able to access and update information related to railway assets in real-time, without having to rely on physical documents.

Cost Savings: The digitalization of the railway maintenance process has led to a 20% reduction in administration requirements, resulting in significant cost savings for the client.The digitalization of the railway maintenance process has led to a 20% reduction in administration requirements, resulting in significant cost savings for the client.

Improved Operational Efficiency: By optimizing business processes through the deployment of an application across 5,000 devices, frontline workers are now able to better capture and access railway asset information. This has resulted in improved operational efficiencies and better decision making.

Increased Public Safety: By leveraging technology and digitalization, the company has helped improve public safety by enabling maintenance workers to access critical information in real-time, thereby reducing the risk of accidents or other safety hazards.

Overall, the solution has helped the client to become more efficient, productive, and safe while reducing costs associated with the maintenance process.