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iTrosys identifies “Student-centric” experience as the most effective lever in the process of content creation, learning, teaching and testing areas.

We combine our digital solutions with domain knowledge to offer various student-centric experienced solutions for our Education industry clients.

‘Being digital’ and ‘connected to internet’, right from the early stages of life has become unavoidable in the post-pandemic for every student across the globe. New age technologies like AI, ML, analytics and cloud enables institutes to connect to their customers anytime globally.

iTrosys has gained vast experience in serving clients in education industry right from inception especially in the digitalized virtual world. With the changing trends post-pandemic, iTrosys has combined the education domain knowledge with IT expertise to help our clientele that includes education providers, publishers, assessment and certification providers.

iTrosys provides virtualized solutions and digital tools for our clients to connect with their students 24×7 globally, create content, provide certifications, conduct assessments, publish books and journals online, etc.

Education Providers

iTrosys has various systems and solutions for education industry to provide new ways of learning, teaching, and managing educational processes. Educational providers are increasingly adopting various tools and technologies to enhance the quality and accessibility of education.

Below are few systems and solutions we offer:

  • Learning-Management-Systems-LMS

    Learning Management Systems (LMS)

    iTroSys LMS software application enables educational providers to create, deliver, and manage educational content, including courses, assessments, and evaluations. These systems allow educators to create digital content, track student progress, and automate grading and reporting.

  • Online-courses-and-virtual-classrooms

    Online courses and virtual classrooms

    With the proliferation of high-speed internet, educational providers have started to offer online courses and virtual classrooms, allowing students to attend classes remotely from anywhere in the world. Our online courses and virtual classrooms offer a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom-based learning.

  • Educational-apps

    Educational apps

    iTroSys Educational apps are mobile applications designed to enhance learning and make education more accessible. These apps willbe used to deliver interactive lessons, provide practice exercises, and offer personalized learning experiences.

  • Digital-textbooks-and-resources

    Digital textbooks and resources

    With iTroSys digital publishing, educational providers are starting to adopt digital textbooks and other digital resources such as e-books, audio and video resources, and online research databases. These resources are often more affordable, up-to-date, and accessible than traditional textbooks.

  • Educational-data-analytics

    Educational data analytics

    Educational providers are using our data analytics to analyze student data and improve teaching and learning outcomes. Data analytics will help educators identify areas where students are struggling, assess the effectiveness of teaching strategies, and provide personalized learning experiences.

Education Publishers

iTroSys Solutions have a significant impact on education publishing. Publishers of educational materials, including textbooks, workbooks, and other educational resources, are leveraging various iTroSys tools to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of their products. We provide new ways of creating, distributing, and delivering educational materials.

Below are few systems and solutions we offer in education publishing:

E-books and digital resources

iTroSys Services help publishers to create digital versions of their books, including e-books, audiobooks, and other digital resources, making it easier for students to access educational materials from anywhere and on any device. These digital data can also be easily updated with the latest information.

E-books and digital resources
Interactive textbooks and multimedia resources

iTroSys help incorporate various tools such as videos, animations, simulations, and quizzes to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. These resources will help students better understand complex concepts and retain information.

Interactive textbooks and multimedia resources
Learning analytics and adaptive learning

Publishers adapting iTroSys learning analytics to analyze student data and provide personalized learning experiences. Adaptive learning technology will help adjust the content and delivery of educational materials based on students’ individual learning needs and preferences.

Learning analytics and adaptive learning
Gamification and simulations

iTroSys Gamification and simulations will make learning more fun and engaging. Using our services,Educational publishers are creating games and simulations that teach students specific skills and knowledge.

Gamification and simulations
Open educational resources (OER)

iTroSys will help provide OER, they are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used, shared, and modified by anyone. Publishers are creating OER to provide educators and students with access to high-quality educational materials that are affordable and customizable.

Open educational resources (OER)
Assessments & Certifications Providers

Providers of assessments and certifications, including testing agencies, certification bodies, and training providers, are leveraging various iTroSys tools to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and security of their processes. Providers are leveraging various iTroSys tools and technologies to enhance the quality and accessibility of their services, making assessments and certifications more widely available and easier to obtain.

Here are some solutions that are being used in assessments and certifications:

Computer-based testing

Providers are using iTroSys computer-based testing (CBT) to deliver assessments and certifications online. Our Services in CBT allows for faster, more accurate scoring, and provides a more secure testing environment. Enables test-takers to receive their results faster and take tests remotely.

Computer-based testing

Online proctoring

Providers are using iTroSys online proctoring technology to ensure the integrity of online assessments and certifications. Our Online proctoring involves using cameras and other tools to monitor test-takers during an online exam, detecting any cheating or irregular behavior.

Online proctoring

Automated scoring and reporting

Providers are using iTroSys automated scoring and reporting tools to speed up the grading and reporting process, making it faster and more accurate. These tools use algorithms to analyze test results and provide detailed feedback to test-takers.

Automated scoring and reporting

Learning management systems (LMS)

Providers are using iTroSys LMS to manage the assessment and certification process, including scheduling tests, managing test-taker data, and delivering training materials.

Learning management systems (LMS)

Digital badges and micro-credentials

Providers are using iTroSys digital badges and micro-credentials to recognize and validate specific skills and achievements. These credentials are digital representations of a person’s skills or knowledge, allowing them to showcase their achievements online.

Digital badges and micro-credentials
Benefits to bank on

Our Solutions in the education sector can provide numerous benefits for students, educators, and educational institutions. Our benefits include enhanced learning experiences, increased accessibility, personalized learning, improved teaching effectiveness, greater collaboration, increased efficiency, and cost savings.

Here are some of the key benefits of enabling us:

  • Enhanced learning experiences:

    We will enhance learning experiences by providing interactive and engaging digital content, simulations, and multimedia resources. This will help students to better understand complex concepts and retain information.

  • Increased accessibility

    We will increase accessibility to education by providing online learning options, making education available to students who may not have access to traditional classroom-based learning.

  • Personalized learning

    We will enable personalized learning experiences by leveraging learning analytics and adaptive learning technologies that tailor the learning experience to the individual needs and preferences of each student.

  • Improved teaching effectiveness

    We will help educators to improve their teaching effectiveness by providing tools for lesson planning, digital content creation, and student assessment.

  • Improved teaching effectiveness

    We will help educators to improve their teaching effectiveness by providing tools for lesson planning, digital content creation, and student assessment.

  • Increased efficiency

    We will increase the efficiency of educational processes, such as grading, reporting, and scheduling, by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows.

  • Cost savings

    We will help to reduce costs by providing online learning options, reducing the need for physical textbooks and other materials, and automating administrative tasks.

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