The client was facing a challenge related to their testing activities. They recognized the need for an enterprise-wide testing solution to improve the quality and speed of testing while reducing the cost of these activities. To address this challenge, the client was looking for a flexible testing center of excellence (CoE) to be set up.

A CoE is a centralized function that provides expertise, resources, and processes for a particular area of focus. In this case, the CoE would be focused on testing and would be staffed with iTroSys people, tools, and processes. The client recognized that this approach would allow them to leverage the expertise and resources of iTroSys to improve their testing capabilities, while still maintaining the flexibility to adapt to their unique needs and requirements.

Lowering the cost of testing activities was a key driver for the client. Testing can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive activity, and the cost of testing can quickly escalate if it is not managed effectively. By setting up a CoE with iTroSys, the client could take advantage of the expertise and tools available to them to streamline their testing processes, reduce the time and resources required for testing, and ultimately lower the overall cost of testing.

In addition to lowering the cost of testing, the client was also focused on improving the quality and speed of their testing activities. The CoE approach would allow iTroSys to bring their best practices and processes to the client, which could help to improve the quality of testing. The use of iTroSys’ tools and processes could also help to speed up testing activities, allowing the client to release their products to market faster and more efficiently.

Overall, the client recognized the need for a flexible testing CoE to address their challenges related to testing. By leveraging the expertise and resources of iTroSys, the client could improve the quality and speed of their testing activities while reducing the overall cost of testing.


Highlights of solution provided by iTroSys to address the client’s needs related to systems integration testing, front-office processes and applications, and transition process industrialization.

Firstly, iTroSys took the responsibility of planning, preparing, and executing systems integration testing for more than 30 applications. The testing included functional, regression, load, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support. This implies that iTroSys ensured that the applications were tested thoroughly for quality assurance purposes. The applications were built using technologies such as UNIX, Oracle, and Java, indicating the expertise of iTroSys in these technologies.

Secondly, iTroSys developed custom front-office processes and applications for the client’s back-office needs. This solution suggests that iTroSys created a solution to streamline the client’s back-office processes and applications, which could potentially improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The primary focus of iTroSys was on systems integrated testing. This implies that iTroSys provided comprehensive testing services that encompassed all aspects of the client’s application ecosystem. The systems integration testing focused on ensuring that all the applications and systems worked seamlessly together, without any errors or compatibility issues.

Additionally, iTroSys leveraged tools and methodologies for outsourcing to industrialize the transition process and reduce transition costs. This suggests that iTroSys used industry best practices and tools to streamline the transition process, making it more efficient and cost-effective for the client. The transition process could have been related to onboarding new applications or systems, or it could have been related to a change in the client’s business processes.

Overall, iTroSys provided a comprehensive solution that addressed the client’s needs related to systems integration testing, front-office processes and applications, and transition process industrialization. The solution included expertise in various technologies, custom development, comprehensive testing services, and the use of industry best practices and tools.


Below are the benefits that the client achieved through iTroSys’ solution, including productivity gains, automation penetration, improved quality, on-time script preparation, and enabled automated testing for multiple applications.

Firstly, the client exceeded their annual productivity gains targets of 7%, which means that they were able to achieve greater efficiency and output than they had planned for. This is a significant achievement as it suggests that the solution provided by iTroSys was highly effective in improving the client’s productivity.

Secondly, the automation penetration improved by 30%, indicating that more processes were automated, leading to greater efficiency and reduced human error. This suggests that iTroSys’ solution helped the client to automate more of their testing processes, which could have saved time and resources.

Thirdly, the quality of the client’s testing improved by 20%, which implies that the solution provided by iTroSys helped to identify and resolve more defects or issues in the client’s applications. Improved quality could lead to a reduction in the number of issues that need to be addressed after the applications have been released to production, leading to greater customer satisfaction and a more efficient process.

Fourthly, on-time script preparation increased by 20%, suggesting that iTroSys helped the client to prepare and execute testing scripts more efficiently, reducing the time required for testing. This could have led to faster time-to-market and improved customer satisfaction.

Finally, iTroSys enabled automated testing for over 10 applications, which could have led to significant cost savings and greater efficiency for the client. Automated testing can be faster and more accurate than manual testing, leading to reduced costs and improved quality.

Overall, the client achieved its cost-reduction, productivity, and quality testing goals through the solution provided by iTroSys. The benefits included exceeding productivity gains targets, improving automation penetration and quality, increasing on-time script preparation, and enabling automated testing for multiple applications.