The client is facing several challenges related to their logistics and transportation operations. One of the main issues is their inability to accurately forecast outbound deliveries based on production demand, which leads to a lack of effective transportation planning. As a result, the client has resorted to ad-hoc truck placements, which are both costly and inefficient, driving up logistics expenses.

Another issue is the client’s inability to schedule trips and make optimal use of the available vehicle capacity, resulting in underutilization of resources and further increasing costs. Additionally, the process is bogged down by extensive paperwork for the documents that need to be carried while in transit, causing significant delays and hampering overall efficiency.

Overall, these challenges are hindering the client’s ability to effectively manage their transportation operations and are resulting in unnecessary costs, delays, and inefficiencies. A comprehensive solution is required to address these challenges and streamline the transportation process, enabling the client to optimize their resources, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.


To address the challenges faced by the client in their transportation operations, a comprehensive solution was implemented using iTroSys SmartLogis platform with an SAP add-on that was co-innovated by SAP and iTroSys. This solution digitized the entire process, starting from indenting to proof of delivery (POD) and customer feedback updates, providing end-to-end visibility and transparency.

One of the key features of the solution was the implementation of a 3D scheduling module, which enabled the client to optimize truck space utilization and reduce underutilization of resources. This module also provided the client with multiple trip scheduling options and forecasting capabilities, allowing them to accept and amend changes to their schedule as needed.

The digitization of the process significantly reduced the amount of paperwork required and improved the overall efficiency of the transportation operations. The solution also provided real-time visibility into the status of the shipments, enabling the client to quickly respond to any issues or delays that arose.

Overall, the iTroSys SmartLogis platform with SAP add-on provided the client with a comprehensive solution that addressed their transportation challenges and significantly improved the efficiency of their operations. The solution provided end-to-end digitization of the process, optimized resource utilization, and enabled real-time visibility and transparency, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced logistics costs.


The implementation of the iTroSys SmartLogis platform with an SAP add-on provided several benefits to the client, which significantly improved their transportation operations.

One of the key benefits was the optimum utilization of trips, which enabled the client to achieve full truck loads and reduce underutilization of resources. By optimizing truck space utilization, the client was able to save between 10-15%, resulting in significant cost savings.

Another benefit was the implementation of eDocumentation, which streamlined the documentation process and resulted in quicker turnaround times. This led to savings of 10-12%, further reducing logistics costs and improving overall efficiency.

In addition, the digitalization of the transportation process drove productivity higher by 15-20% across the value chain. This was achieved through increased visibility and transparency, real-time tracking, and optimized resource utilization. The digitization also significantly reduced the amount of manual effort required, enabling workers to focus on more value-added activities and improving overall productivity.

Overall, the implementation of the iTroSys SmartLogis platform with an SAP add-on provided the client with several benefits, including optimized resource utilization, reduced logistics costs, improved efficiency, and increased productivity. These benefits were achieved through end-to-end digitization, streamlined documentation processes, and optimized resource utilization, resulting in significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.