The client was facing the challenge of meeting the time-sensitive needs of their customers while complying with regulatory requirements. In addition, they had to undergo an entire acquisition process that required them to make significant changes to their existing systems, upgrade stores and equipment, and undertake extensive rebranding efforts.

The client needed to ensure that they were able to make these changes quickly and efficiently, without causing any disruption to their customers or employees. They also needed to ensure that they were able to comply with all the regulatory requirements while undertaking these changes.

Moreover, the client had to make significant investments in upgrading their stores and equipment, and also in rebranding their entire business. All of these changes required careful planning and execution to ensure that they were done in a timely and cost-effective manner, while also minimizing disruption to the client’s operations.


The solution provided by iTroSys for the client’s challenge involved several components. First, iTroSys built the necessary infrastructure for the client, which included configuring, hosting, and providing user support for networks, systems, and data centers, encompassing over 50 applications. This was a crucial step to provide the required flexibility to meet time-sensitive customer needs and compliance requirements.

Second, iTroSys collaborated daily with the client to develop and execute a repeatable, end-to-end transition plan that incorporated all 15 new stores into the new IT environment. This was done to ensure a seamless and efficient transition of the acquisition process, which required complete system changes, store and equipment upgrades, and extensive rebranding.

Third, iTroSys deployed a new mainframe to increase capacity and support additional network requirements. This was important to ensure the smooth functioning of the new IT environment and to support the client’s operations.

Finally, iTroSys assisted the client with the conversion work related to merchandising, scheduling, payroll, and supply chain. This ensured that the client’s operations were not disrupted during the transition phase and that the business could continue to operate smoothly.

Overall, the solution provided by iTroSys helped the client meet its objectives of flexibility to meet time-sensitive customer needs and compliance requirements, and a successful acquisition process with complete system changes, store and equipment upgrades, and extensive rebranding.


The benefits of the solution provided to the client’s challenge are as follows:

Completely incorporated 15 new stores in 6 months: The solution helped the client to integrate 15 new stores seamlessly into their existing infrastructure. This means that the client was able to expand its business operations in a short amount of time, which resulted in increased revenue.

Increase in sales by 10%: The solution implemented by iTroSys helped the client to streamline its operations and provide better services to its customers. As a result, the client experienced a 10% increase in sales, which is a significant boost for any business.

Maintained 99% availability throughout the IT transition and store cutover process: During the entire IT transition and store cutover process, iTroSys ensured that the client’s systems remained available to its customers. This is a critical success factor as any downtime or disruption in the system can have a severe impact on the client’s revenue and reputation. The 99% availability maintained by iTroSys is an excellent achievement that indicates the quality and reliability of their services.