The university was facing challenges in providing seamless IT support to its students, faculty, and staff due to outdated infrastructure and lack of standardized processes. Additionally, the university was struggling to keep up with the latest technological advancements in the education sector, leading to a decline in enrollment numbers and student satisfaction ratings.


iTroSys proposed a comprehensive IT services solution that included the following:

Infrastructure modernization: iTroSys upgraded the university’s outdated IT infrastructure to ensure seamless and efficient IT support. This included upgrading servers, network equipment, and storage devices.

Standardization of processes: iTroSys implemented standardized processes across all IT functions to ensure consistent and efficient service delivery. This included incident management, change management, and problem management processes.

Adoption of new technologies: iTroSys introduced new technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, and mobile device management to the university’s IT environment. This helped the university keep up with the latest technological advancements in the education sector.

24/7 IT support: iTroSys provided 24/7 IT support to the university’s students, faculty, and staff to ensure that IT issues were resolved quickly and efficiently.


Benefits: The university was able to achieve the following benefits as a result of the iTroSys IT services solution:

Improved student satisfaction ratings: With the adoption of new technologies and standardized IT processes, the university was able to provide seamless IT support to its students, leading to improved student satisfaction ratings.

Reduced IT support costs: The 24/7 IT support provided by iTroSys helped the university reduce IT support costs by reducing the number of IT staff required on campus.

Improved operational efficiency: The standardization of IT processes and adoption of new technologies helped the university improve operational efficiency, leading to faster resolution of IT issues and increased productivity.